The Market / Hotel is Closed

This con usually takes place when you arrive at the airport/or train station at a major tourist destination. There  you might stumble on a very helpful local explaining that there’s a riot/holiday/official visit at the place you want to go (hotel, market etc) and it is closed.  *Sometimes, taxi drivers, rikshas or caleche drivers (e.g. in Egypt) are in cahoots with these helpful locals and will purposely drop you off to be received by them.

The local then offers to take you to a lesser known but much more beautiful site, to a nicer shop or better hotel. The ultimate goal of this con is to lead you to a place where the conman has a commission deal with the owner/supervisor. At the same time, your essential destination is in fact open for business. Even on the very rare occasions when they are telling the truth, they may not be as helpful as they seem, so it would be better to pursue your own backup plan. Just say ‘Thanks, but no, thanks” and walk away until they stop following you.

  • Calèche – is a horse drawn carriage.
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