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Press Release

May 16, 2012iPatrol Travel Advice Logo

iPatrol Travel Advice is the NEW must-have travel application for iPhone!

iPatrol Travel Advice warns about various scams and cons played on travelers around the world. This ideal travel buddy will keep the traveler informed and help protect your valuables. It is based on most visited travel destinations, which makes it easy to look up the one in-need right now. Finding the destination allows to see the full list of different scam or assault scenarios to avoid.

The goal of iPatrol Travel Advice is for the traveler to have a safe business trip or a holiday that will be full of happy experiences and memories to remember.

iPatrol Travel Advice started with an expat couple, young professionals who lived in Barcelona, Spain for 3 years. They were quite well-traveled, yet never saw as many pickpockets as they spotted on busy streets and at the metro stations in Barcelona. In addition to that, almost all their friends and colleagues who lived or had a vacation in the city were tricked or robbed in one way or another, repeatedly; themselves included. Sadly, but to being one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, Barcelona is also known for its thieves and swindlers.

Although it’s all began in Barcelona, the young couple took it many steps further and carefully researched for and collected various assault, scam, fraud and con scenarios that take place in the Top 100 World Travel Destinations. The goal behind iPatrol Travel Advice is to encourage tourists to be informed and well prepared for the next big trip. Now travelers can simply find their upcoming travel destination in iPatrol Travel Advice app and see the full list of scam warnings relevant to that area.

Despite common beliefs, many of pickpockets are using extremely advanced and sophisticated stealing tactics. For example, the infamous “Splatter Scam” is a pickpocketing strategy where a liquid that looks and smells odd (it can be mustard, ketchup, dirt or even something that looks like bird’s poo) is splashed on a traveler. Swindler appears in front of the traveler, volunteers to help to clean and clears out pockets of the grateful tourist in the process.

Here is what a victim of this scam says:

“These thieves are very accomplished. They look for tourists to prey on, come up with malicious, distracting scenarios and unfortunately many of us are unaware what to do to reduce the chance of this type of incident from happening.”

iPatrol Travel Advice makes staying informed easy. Application currently covers 50 countries listing most popular cons, fraud and scams. It already has  a database of top 100 destinations including Rome, London, Berlin, Paris, Beijing, Barcelona, Prague, Istanbul, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, New York and more than 20 other destinations in USA only. All Scams & Warnings are carefully collected, examined and sorted for your easy and quick access. You are one click away from the information that will help to keep you and your family safe and secure.

iPatrol Travel Advice application WORKS OFFLINE. This means no extra charges for expensive data roaming and application is fast to use. There is no need for an Internet connection while using the app, as everything is stored on iPhone.

Have a great trip with iPatrol Travel Advice!

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