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Welcome to iPatrol Travel Advice!

  Are you a frequent traveler? Or just starting to open up the world? Concerned parent? Or simply cautious and trying to avoid troubles when in a foreign country? iPatrol Travel Advice is a fascinating must-have application that is your IDEAL travel buddy whether you are visiting the next state, a familiar neighbor country, on […]


Tout is any person who solicits a customer in an importune, typically aggressive or bold manner. An example would be a person who is always to be found in heavily touristed areas, who presents himself as a guide (particularly towards those who do not speak the local language) but operates on behalf of local bars, […]

Fake Tour Guides

When visiting most popular areas you might come across touts claiming to be tour guides. If you happen to sign up with one of them, they would take you to places you don’t want to go, bring you over to various uncles’ rug shops, souvenir, jewellery shops and alike  where you will be pressured into buying things. […]

Car Crime: Break-ins

Car Break-in is a forced or unauthorised entry into a car, typically to steal something. Use the following tips to avoid car break-in: When you are renting a car make sure it has alarm system installed and functioning. When renting a car check if the audio receiver has a detachable stereo face and make sure […]

Fake Police Officer

The usual scenario of this con is that someone stops you and asks for directions. Then, in a little while, a couple of other guys show up claiming to be police officers, waving fake badges. They will ask if you were getting drugs from the other guy and demand to see your passport and wallet […]

Drink or Food Spiking

Some criminals might try to add a substance, such as drugs or alcohol to your drinks or food. The drug may affect the way you act, or the way you behave with other people. The most common reasons for drink/food spiking are: to be malicious to carry out a sexual assault or rape to carry […]

The Market / Hotel is Closed

This con usually takes place when you arrive at the airport/or train station at a major tourist destination. There  you might stumble on a very helpful local explaining that there’s a riot/holiday/official visit at the place you want to go (hotel, market etc) and it is closed.  *Sometimes, taxi drivers, rikshas or caleche drivers (e.g. […]

Bag Snatching / Bag Slitting

In some countries there is a problem of bag snatching or slitting. This type of theft typically happens by seizing, grabbing or slitting bag straps suddenly and running away. Another method the thieves might use is snatching your bag while on motorbike. Thieves  drive past and pull your bag off you. Such bag snatching usually happens […]

Taxi – Overcharging

Some taxi drivers might try and charge you a very high price for their service relying on your lack of knowledge of local pricing.  In order to avoid being overcharged, find out the official taxi prices in advance and stick to official taxi companies. Getting a general sense of price range and practices  in a foreign […]

Pickpockets in Crowded Areas

Pickpockets are thieves who steal items (more often wallets or personal documents, though sometimes they might make an attempt to steal other valuables) from people’s clothing and bags as they walk in a public place. In order to steal from you most pickpockets use various elements of distraction, such as: someone passes by you and […]