For the 3 years we’ve lived in Barcelona, Spain. Sadly, in addition to being one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, Barcelona is known for its thieves and swindlers. We’ve traveled a lot and never saw as many pickpockets as we spotted on its busy streets and at the metro stations. Almost all our friends living in the city or having a vacation there were conned or robbed in one way or another, repeatedly; us included.

Perhaps the situation in lovely, always sunny Barcelona will change very soon, but meanwhile we are keen on warning you, the future traveler! Although its all started in Barcelona, we took it many steps further and carefully collected various assault, scam, fraud and con scenarios that happen in the Top 100 Travel Destinations and encourage you to check them before your next big trip. Simply find your upcoming travel destination in iPatrol Travel Advice app and see full list of con alerts.

iPatrol Travel Advice is built to help you to protect yourself and your family from thieves, scammers and other outlaws. Explore our con alerts to avoid distress and have an exceptional trip filled solely with joy and delight.

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